a benediction

Maybe you’re thinking, “I have this hope, this dream, this vision.” Every time you take the first step you feel your feet sink into the muck and morass; your expression is immediately eaten alive by the despotic, monolithic modes and mediums through which we are now forced to grope around for life.

Which faceless platforms slowly leech off your artistic spirit?

Are you resigned to your fate as another commodity?

How have you taken the mediums and systems for granted in your expression?

How is your ‘genuine artistic expression’ circumscribed by some marketing department scheme for the next wave?

How can you turn the systems into the challenge of the art itself?

What can you do to circumvent as many systems as possible, and still build a pirate art enterprise?

The artist has never taken the form given for granted. The new artist cannot take any medium for granted.

All mediums of dissemination in late capitalist, mediacracy must be subject to rigorous questioning of the same manner as the form itself.

Art is the only force with the power to circumvent the given systems.

This is not art pour l’art; it is not art for art’s sake, it is not ideological. This is art for life’s sake.

Take a risk. Ask, “which assumptions have I failed to face? To which systems have I silently acquiesced? Who or what have I given tacit permission to continue business as usual, now complicit in the creeping liquidation?”

Where are the weaknesses to exploit? Where are the backdoors? Where are the subsurface movements and waves?

May the muses bless you and keep you,
And the wisdoms light a path in the dark,
May their faces shine on you, be gracious to you,
And give you peace, perfect peace.